Who can invest?

We are an Australian regulated company, however investment is open to anyone who qualifies as a Wholesale Investor as defined by the Australian Corporations Act 2001. To qualify the investor (an individual, company or a trust) as an example either:

What is the minimum investment?

Each strategy has a minimum unit size which is shown on the FH Blender page of our website. These minimums are necessary to ensure our strategies can trade listed futures and options contracts (which have various fixed sizes depending upon the instrument) within your managed account. It is not possible to trade fractional amounts of these contracts, hence your account needs to be a minimum size. Whilst you are free to invest in only one strategy, we recommend a blend of at least three strategies to diversify and smooth out volatility of returns.

Do you invest in your own strategies?

Yes, our management team invests a significant amount in all of the strategies.

What are your returns?

You can see the past returns and other statistics of each strategy or a custom blend of the strategies using the FH Blender.

What blend do you recommend?

FHIM recommends that you seek financial advice to assist you select an optimal or suitable blend. Our CIO favours a blend (or multiples thereof) with past track record that has a high ratio of annual return to maximum drawdown. This blend loads by default when you access the FH Blender and is rebalanced infrequently.

How do I open an account?

Contact us directly at [email protected]

Where does my money go?

Accounts are always in your own name. All money is held by a regulated entity and cannot be withdrawn by FHIM at any time. FHIM only have permission to execute trades within your brokerage account(s) as your chosen Trading Agent.

Can I change my blend?

Yes, you can elect to change your blend at any time just contact FHIM directly.

How do I speak to someone about my blend?

Send an email to [email protected] and we will respond quickly.

How do I add more capital to my blend?

Email [email protected] and we will contact you quickly to arrange this.

How do the strategies trade on my account?

When you complete the account application FHIM will clone your account so that you have an account for each strategy you have chosen in your blend. You will then be asked to fund each account as per the amount you have chosen to invest. Once your account(s) are funded FHIM will begin to initiate trades on your behalf as your Trading Agent.

Can I have multiple currencies in my account?

By default, you are asked to choose a single currency. However, if you wish to have various currencies for different strategies in your selected blend then please email [email protected]

How quickly can I close my account?

Once you give us notice that you wish to close the account we will begin liquidating the trades which normally takes three business days but no longer than five business days. Once this has been done we will notify you and you will then be able to log-in to withdraw the funds and close the account(s).

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