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Ferguson Hyams Multi-Strategy Fund

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* Fund launch date was 19th August 2020. Returns before this date are based on actual trading results of five strategies within a managed account structure based on an allocation of 20% to each strategy (statements available upon request). Results are shown since January 2020 as this is when the live track-record of Quant Alpha Equity and GDFX began (the other three strategies have longer live track records). Returns are net of 1.5% Annual Management Fees and 20% Performance Fees (only taken if above the High-Water Mark) deducted daily on a pro-rata basis.


The performance (as at end of December 2020) for the Ferguson Hyams Multi Strategy Fund (FHMSF) and each component strategy is shown below.

The Fund performed particularly strongly in March 2020, generating a return of +5.66%*.

Performance Metrics

Year to Date Return 12.90%
Sharpe Ratio 2.08
Maximum Drawdown (using daily data) -1.95%
Correlation to S&P500 -21.1%
Correlation to VIX +15.7%

Our strategies all have audited track records trading actively in liquid markets such as Foreign Exchange, Equities, Interest Rates & Commodities.


Key Investor Benefits

Tried and tested trading strategies

The Fund contains a blend of our professionally managed liquid trading strategies. We personally invest in all of our strategies, so you can be sure we’re putting our money where our mouth is.

Uncorrelated returns

Our strategies have historically carried little or no correlation to stock market indices.

Target lower portfolio volatility

We target strong annual portfolio performance with lower volatility, by blending strategies with strong individual track records and low correlation to each other.

Unconstrained Trading

Our strategies are selected from around the globe, giving us a wide selection of the best trading talent worldwide.

Risk Management and Governance

Each of our strategies have a defined Risk Mandate and a rigid risk control framework.


We charge:

  • An investment management fee of 1.5% of the assets under management
  • A performance fee of 20% of profits

However, we only take this last fee if the NAV of the fund is above the High-water mark.


Our track record shows that a blend of our strategies has performed very well when shares perform badly.

We differ from our competitors as we have created a framework of governance and risk-control which allows us to onboard strategies from around the globe.


Why our investment philosophy works

We differ from our competitors as we have created a framework of governance and risk-control which allows us to onboard strategies from around the globe. We are unconstrained to choose the best trading strategies we can find with a consistent, systematic methodology and an excellent, audited track record.

Our strategies should have little or no correlation to each‑other

This is fundamental in keeping the volatility of a blend of our strategies low. This philosophy differs from most of our competitors whose traders sit in the same office and listen to the same research and are therefore prone to having the same ideas and executing similar trades to each other.

Daily liquidity and short redemption periods

Unlike most funds, we offer daily liquidity so there are no long lock-up periods.

A blend of our strategies can improve your overall investment returns and lower their volatility.

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